"There is more to be done, for sure, 
but their aim to promote and represent
undiscovered electronic talents has already found its soul."      Juice Magazine, Malaysia

Singapore DJ/Producers Shawnn Lai, Gerald Ang and Amjad Shah (aka Notion A) have each been pushing techno through various avenues over the past decade.


From early 2012, through playing at various events, they started sharing musical ideas which focused on the soulful sound of electronic music. 


This soon became regular project meetings in the studio and collaborations with other producers in Singapore and overseas.


Drawing influences from personal and various music backgrounds, the trio, who all had previous releases  on other international labels, soon decided to take things a step beyond to share the music with a broader audience.


From Singapore, SoulMatters Recordings became the brainchild of this project with a  purpose of further collaborating and releasing electronic music with soul. 



Email: contact@soulmattersrecordings.com